How to be more productive and accomplish your monthly goals

 How to be more productive and accomplish your monthly goals

To be more productive and accomplish your goals first you must determine what they are. Success is very important for any person no matter if it is something as little as finding the book you looked for months or getting your dream job.

Every achievement must be built step by step; they may be small at first but will get you closer to achieving your desired goal none the less.

Still, things aren’t that easy.

You must focus on working every day to drive yourself forward and only forward.

It doesn’t matter how intelligent or talented you are if you don’t have the desire or passion to press forward; you won’t get far.

By making small steps to achieve the desired goals, you will get more and more motivated; but you must be focused and determined to turn them into reality.

In this article, we will focus on accomplishing your monthly goals. Nothing is achieved all of a sudden, well maybe not exactly nothing, but you get the point.

Every person has dreams and they are of vast importance to us.

Don’t be upset by the failure, learn from it! Do not place hope that success will come from some random and luckily events in the future. Place hope in your determination and your will to succeed!

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Start typing your monthly goals on a notebook

To start off you need to fix the organization of your tasks.

When we talk about monthly goals, a good organization is key. To achieve it you must have everything visually in front of you. It is not necessary to use a notebook you can use a free app like Todoist or some of the many other free available apps.

Typing your monthly goals is very important for more than one reason.

1) First of all, it keeps you sharp and focused by clearing your head of distractions. This way you will know very well what you have to do so you can be productive in your work.

2) Secondly, it keeps you motivated to grow and keep moving forward. By achieving your goals, step by step, your motivation to keep up grows exponentially.

3) And thirdly, it gives you a clearer picture of the future. You see the bigger picture and this allows you to be more adaptive to the changes.

Many of the top successful people, no matter their profession, set goals to keep themselves motivated; that way they become even more productive in accomplishing their goals.

By typing down your goals and achieving them, after some time, you will be able to complete the tasks faster and that will save you lots of mental energy and time.

Clear your workplace and your mind

Take a good look at your workplace.

If everything is cluttered and chaotic it is normal for you to lose concentration and energy for a simple thing like finding your pen, for example. You can’t afford to waste your energy on stupid things like this.

At first, it may sound odd, but if you are looking for this and, will make you nervous, and you will lose focus and spent time on unnecessary things.

Some specialists even suggest emptying your desk and then putting only the necessary items in it and that’s a great start, also. Put all your pens and pencils in one place, all your documents the same way, etc.

I found a very interesting and helpful book about how to be more productive, by the writer Kevin Horsley. Take a look here, I’m sure you gonna love it!

Throw the garbage from your workplace.

Everything must be as tidy as possible. I strongly suggest you do absolutely the same for your computer. Delete anything that you don’t need.

The fewer items, your desktop has, the better.

All the important items must be distributed to newly made folders in a way you know where to find everything as fast as possible. It’s a time saver.

You could even run a cleanup program for your computer to clean it from junk files in order to run faster.

This may take time depending on how long you haven’t done it before, but it will make your machine run faster. That way your work will flow smoother and will be more enjoyable.

As I suggested above, take a look at the book Unlimited Memory that will show you more strategies on how to be productive, learn and remember faster. Find your way to buy it here.

Find your best hours to work

It’s important to understand that your brain isn’t as consistent as you might think.

Science has proven that too much work actually degrades productivity.

Your brain can work on optimal capacity from 1 to 2 hours a day. This, of course, vary from person to person, but its general idea is that every person can be focused from 60 to 120 minutes per day.

Remember that overworking is not the answer, the answer is to work effectively and smart at the best time for you!

When you are tired you get distracted easier, you are not that creative, and you work slower; things go quickly downhill.

So how to find your best hours of productive work?

The first is to determine what are the biggest reasons which are holding you back when doing your tasks.

Let’s say that after certain hours you get distracted easier. Find these hours and try to finish your job before.

Or pay closer attention to your daily routines and find out, if somehow it makes you lose attention and then try to change something.

For example, I found out that if I scroll through the social apps before start doing my tasks, I lose focus easier and this harms my work.

Or after lunch, I’m not able to continue, so I started to wake up earlier and complete the tasks before lunch.

Now I have more time, and I work less, but effectively! After changing my bad habits and understood my best hours to work, I become more productive.

Write down some notes about what is the best time that you do your job. Keep track of what you do before that and if needed, change something.

Pay attention to yourself if you are good at doing a single task or you are more of a multi-tasker. All those things will lead you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

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Get enough sleep

Bad quality or insufficient sleep could be the centre of your problems.

Insufficient sleep is the number one productivity killer.

Have you thought that not enough sleep can affect only your mood? Well, it’s much more than that. Not getting enough sleep makes your brain work slower and to be more susceptible to distractions.

Have you ever thought of why you can’t focus on a specific task? Well, there is a 90% chance that the reason is you didn’t get enough sleep or simply your sleep was not of the best quality.

Getting enough sleep should be your number one priority. Go to bed earlier, turn off your phone and laptop.


There are few things except good sleep that can raise your focus and productivity. One of them is a good workout.

If you want to increase your productivity, it’s also good to do at least 20-30 mins a day stretching, exercises, running or other sport.

The scientists proved that practising some sport can make you more focused, creative, productive and happier!

I, personally, can tell you that it’s true! For a week I tried to do at least 30 mins morning yoga a day, and it made me feel amazing and energetic the whole day.

I was able to complete my tasks on time and be more effective in doing my job! I still practice yoga even twice a day, and it makes me feel wonderful and people see the result in my work and mindset.

Believe me, you should start moving not only for your mind but your body too.

Let’s sum up fast what can help you to be more productive:

1. Type your monthly goals and keep track of your success and failures.

2. Keep a tidy workplace and clear your mind free from unnecessary distractions.

3. Find your best time to work and focus all your energy at those hours.

4. Get enough sleep; it’s crucial for your focus and productivity.

5. Workout!


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