Morning Routine for Feeling Fresh Every Day

 Morning Routine for Feeling Fresh Every Day

Starting a morning routine is extremely important for your whole lifestyle. To get a successful start of the day, it is necessary to self-discipline and focuses on the morning rituals that will balance the body and help it work with the rhythm of nature.

Starting a morning routine will help you out to feel fresh and healthy. You don’t need to follow a strict menu or every day do the same things. You need to feel free, excited and to know that this can help you to improve your life.

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The morning routine is for you.

With these few tips, you’ll be able to feel better, fresh, concentrated and ready for work.


You can easily help yourself in the evening for the upcoming day.

Avoiding the stress and the hurry in the morning you can make your choice for your outfit the night before. We all know that this takes a lot of our time in the morning.

Prepare lunch. Doing this you will have plenty of time to make a good and healthy lunch for your body, without spending money for a meal. I must say that home cooking is the best friend for everyone who wants to spend some money, or are on a budget.

And of course, try to sleep at least 8-9 hours, so you can be rested.


Having a morning routine is of the utmost importance to feel fresh, concentrated, calm and ready for work.

The number one thing to do is waking up early. I don’t say to wake up at 5 am if you go at 9 am at work. An hour and a half before is enough.

Do some stretches. You can try to do Yoga, Pilates or even if you have enough energy to do cardio or a run. 20 minutes a day is perfect. I suggest you doing morning yoga. You can search on the Internet – there are plenty of videos you can try.

Drink water. The best you can do is drinking water every morning. The benefits of this are many – it stimulates the immune system. It balances the pH level. Helps to regulate weight. Helps digestion and more, and more. All you need to do is taking a glass of water and put some fresh citrus fruits – lemon, grapefruit, orange.

Take a shower. It wakes you up better than coffee. While having a shower try to change the water from warm/cold – it can help you if you feel sluggish. After that take care of your body with a lotion or I prefer natural coconut or almond oil.

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Have a breakfast

Not sure if this is the most important meal of the day, but I know if you don’t have breakfast in the morning you will feel hungry, overthinking about food and nervous. It’s enough to make some toast with butter and jam, or a toast with avocado and egg. 

Coffee. Take a good cup of coffee in the morning. It’s always a good way to start the day. But a little advice from me – one cup of coffee for the day is better than two. I’m a coffee lover and it was hard to restrict myself for just one. But drinking coffee one time a day is better and will improve your life, it makes you feel healthier. Instead of having two cups – just take a fresh smoothie with carrots and grapefruits, oranges or what you prefer.


Try to avoid the TV, Facebook, Instagram or every social media you have. The morning ritual should be a time to relax and take care of your body and mind. Watching TV or social networks in the morning harasses the brain. If you have the habit of turning on these things – try to avoid it, instead of them turn on music.