Why Most MMA Trainers Like BJJ Techniques

 Why Most MMA Trainers Like BJJ Techniques

MMA is an open forum where you can use any form of martial arts; it can be Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, or freestyle.

As MMA fans, we all love to see championships and witness our favourite fighter win. Most people debate about the effectiveness of MMA champions and how well they must have trained to be where they are right now.

There are fighters, winning based on their skills and technique, whereas we have seen few, regardless of their experience, lose to a relatively unknown opponent.

Most people think MMA is all about luck, but professionals disagree with this notion. Instead, they say that even if you are petite, lean, and weak but good with your technique and strategy, you have a better chance of winning compared to someone big and bulky.

We have established this notion that technique and strategy are the basics of MMA. However, there is one more thing equally important to understand, and that is a selection of the technique.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) technique

Some of our favourite fighters are using the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique, and there is no doubt they have proved their success.

But why is it ranked as one of the most successful MMA techniques, and why it is so far said to contribute as the most significant winning factor? Most people confuse the dressing and equipment of BJJ and MMA; however, they are quite different and must not be confused.

Most professionals explain that BJJ is one of the most diverse yet the only contemporary martial art that has strong roots in traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.

Most people respect and love traditional jiu-jitsu because it is very challenging. People who become experts in BJJ can use it as a foundation and polish their skill set accordingly.

Fighters are using BJJ for technique, and then they use other methods like boxing, Muay Thai, and taekwondo to win the game. Many MMA trainers like and recommend BJJ before jumping into another technique; it is significant to see how BJJ impacts our body and mind.

We have listed down the most critical things that can help everyone to understand these impacts in detail.

Polishing Technique

mma techniques

We all know that no one can win an MMA competition without polishing their techniques.

What most people find confusing is the fact that “techniques” are perceived as a method of handling the game and attacking the opponent.

Contrary to the common belief, technique building is far more complex than learning some basics; when someone opts for BJJ or any form of MMA, he is taught some basic rules. However, as time passes and with hard work and practice, the fighter learns to form combinations of the basic techniques to use this for his benefit.

To explain this in a better way, let’s take an example of someone who has just started to learn MMA, and he gets familiar with the punching styles. Now, we know everyone can throw some punches, and to be effective, it has to be powerful; however, punching might use your fist, but you need your elbow to provide power, and it must snap at the first to convey that power.

These basic techniques are very crucial, and they collectively play a vital role in helping someone win a game.

Healthy Lifestyle

BJJ is preferred among most professional fighters because it helps with a healthy lifestyle. We have seen people getting better at lifestyle and health as they opt for MMA.

The main reason behind this is because MMA has BJJ as a rudimentary traditional technique method. With the help of MMA, a fighter learns to channel his power to the best of his abilities. Using your power is only possible if you help your body adapt and build a muscle memory accordingly by providing enough time to heal.

Your body will sync with the natural sleep cycle; this means that your body will start waking up early, and you will start feeling fatigued and sleepy as the night will approach.

Due to the healthy lifestyle, BJJ is also recommended to young kids to exert their energy and learn a positive lifestyle.

bjj technique

Strategy Building

Strategy building is important, and it helps in muscle memory, as well as getting your body ready for long term defence.

Evaluating the strategy building of every fighter is what makes someone predictable. That is a common misconception, and your strategy has nothing to do with your attacking or defensive style of play. It is your muscle memory that contributes to it primarily.

Building a strong strategy means using your mind to build a time frame and tackling the process of the game.

Yes, improvising is essential, but playing without thinking means you lose focus every time your opponent tries to distract you with words.

Your mind is the only thing that can help you stay focused, and if you are trained for BJJ, you will learn to tackle the game easily.

Better Emotional Management

BJJ is known as human chess; this means just like a king takes care of his people and stays one step ahead of everyone, you become emotionally independent, and everything around you crumbling while you focus on the game.

Emotional stability is the highest form of being intellectual; if you manage to stay focused while fighting with your opponent, your chances of winning are getting better.

We have heard trainers and instructors repeating “don’t let someone else push your buttons” or “don’t let someone else get on your nerves.”

It can only be improved if you learn to stay ahead of your opponent and manage your emotions well.

Self-Defence and Safety with BJJ

BJJ is the best form of MMA that favours the weak and small.

If you are short and feel that you cannot win MMA, learn BJJ. BJJ is not just for big and bulky trying to fight the small; on the contrary, it has been designed for small and weak, especially women and children.

Their body is relatively flexible and ideal for BJJ. If you look at the list of best MMA fighters, you will observe that most of them are small, and they are very good with their technique.

They have a grip over their emotions, and they do not get exploited. Also, you will see a specific pattern of every fighter mixed with some improvisation. It helps them stay ahead of the game while making sure they have their own style in the game.


To sum it all up, MMA instructors do not emphasize just using BJJ; instead, they encourage the use of various techniques with the foundation of BJJ.

They want fighters to win, which is the reason why encourage improvisation and intuition while not forgetting their own styles.

All these things collectively help in making sure that the fighter has the upper hand in the game.

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