How to Live Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

 How to Live Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

To find balance in your life you must connect your body and soul. Find that harmony between both. You cannot live a healthy lifestyle if you don’t care for your body. And to live a happy life you should take care of your mind. The condition of the spirit is related to your attitude toward the body.

Open your mind

To achieve happiness in your life – open your mind. You should always prepare yourself for new experiences in life. You will meet people with different attitudes. The thing you should do is to just accept them. Accept everything life gives you, enjoy all the things and be grateful for everything.

Drink water

Have you ever hear the secret of the beautiful, forever young Frenchwomen? Well, it’s the water. We can say that water is the source of youth. It nourishes the skin, cleanses the body, and maintains the tonus. You should never neglect this drink and always have a bottle of water in your bag. Try to drink at least 1.5 liters a day, also I recommend putting 2-3 slices of lemon. The lemon water is extremely important for internal organs, as well as for the stimulation of more elastic skin.

Healthy eating

To keep your body strong and healthy – you need to take care of it. Try to eat more clean food, more fruits, and vegetables. When you are looking for a snack between the meals – you better replace it with a healthy one. If you eat too much junk food – try to eat more green ones. Never neglect your body. When the body is healthy and you feel great.


Sometimes we feel tensed or overwhelmed. Free one or two nights a week, and relax with your friends or family. Try new things, something extreme, or go to a bar and just dance, or watch some good movie and enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one.


Every self-respecting woman, as well as a man, takes care of her skin and body every day. Eat more green foods and reduce the meat to a minimum. Do some stretches for about 10 mins a day. Personally, I prefer yoga – it connects the body and the soul and it makes you feel great every day. Take a shower each morning and take care of your skin with beauty products.

Don’t stop moving

Even if your job requires staying on a desk in front of a computer all day – you should try to move, read these tips on how to do it. Drink more water and don’t stop moving. Are you going home on the bus? Get off one stop further and enjoy walking home.

Eat 3h before sleep

It is extremely important to have a distance between the last meal and the sleep. Always leave a range of 2-3 hours before going to bed. In this way, your body assimilates the food that you have accepted and functioned better. It’s very likely to gain weight if you eat and after 20 mins lie to sleep. Remember that you should take care of your body.

Spend time alone

Spend some time with yourself. Although all the fun with your family and friends – every man needs a little time alone. You should love yourself and learn how to live with yourself and how to spend some time alone. Sometimes a man needs spare time to think about how to move on in life or just take time and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

Morning routine

It’s obligated to make a morning routine. I recommend you again to include yoga practice so you will be able to connect your breathing, your mind, body, and spirit in one. Avoid social media and instead play some music. Take a shower. Make breakfast and coffee and love life.

Stop for a moment

Do you take a moment of the hectic everyday life? To look around – the people, the animals, the plants, the flowers. Do you realize how wonderful life is? You better do this a few times a week – enjoy life. Stop for a minute or two – feel the sun, the grass. Smile at some stranger. Buy flowers for you or your loved one. Enjoy every bite of the food and every sip of the coffee. Be grateful that you live. The secret of life is positive thinking.