How to Lose Weight for the Summer

 How to Lose Weight for the Summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare yourself for the beach. Time to start getting in shape and losing weight. Ask yourself are you feeling comfortable with your current shape? Probably this is the best time to stop with junk food and start eating more healthy. From the start, it won’t be easy. Even if you find yourself in bad shape and overweight don’t let this discourage you! Many people that are currently slim were in the far worst shape in their past. You probably know some people like this.

Being out of shape is just a temporary state. Until you get motivated enough to change it. Currently, I am slightly over my normal weight. At the moment I am about 85 kilograms / 187 pounds (I’m a man). I have never been so heavy. My normal weight is about 79-81 kilos. Probably this isn’t much in your eyes or maybe it is. It doesn’t matter. The important things are to understand that it all depends on you! Only you can change this and you must get started. No one will do this for you. You are the one that has to step up and make the change. Once you get in rhythm things will flow easily. But it’s very important to stay that way. So let’s start with something that anyone can do. Something very basic.


An effective and simple way to lose weight, of course, is the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to losing weight and burning calories running is your go-to. Find a place you like and you feel comfortable. That could be the local park, at your school (if you go to school), or simply in your neighborhood. Start with at least 3-4 regular sessions from 20 to 40 minutes or even more a week. This depends on your current conditioning. But don’t drop below 2 sessions a week. And don’t overdo it! This could lead to injuries which will make things worse.

Tip: stretch before and after running.

Make a weekly running schedule and follow it. Before every session, warm-up, and stretch to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce the chances of an injury. Mix things up when running. Don’t get yourself stuck on one gear. Start slower and go faster and then slower again. Maybe not from the start but when you get in some better shape. Don’t get burned out from the start. In your weekly schedule make a day for a faster tempo running so you build muscle and burn more calories. Make sure that you update that schedule in a way that makes your running sessions more intense as time passes. Make sure you make progress and increase running intensity and session length.

Progress and improve, don’t get stuck in one place.

Cut the sugar if you want to lose weight

Running and exercising doesn’t mean you should keep eating junk food. If you want to progress and lose weight you must give up on the sugar or at least cut it significantly. Lowering down your sugar consumption is important to lose weight faster. You just have to force yourself to stop eating a lot of junk and fried food there is no other way around it. It is no secret that lowering sugar consumption removes a lot of calories. Things like chocolate, sweets, and a lot of sweet-flavoured drinks consist of high amounts of sugar. Not to mention the other stuff they have in them that are even worse.

Tip: instead of eating junk snacks between meals, prepare healthy snacks such as carrots chips or raw nuts. 

Cut stuff like this is one of the most important steps for better health and lowering body fat. The whole point is that if you want to improve your health and drop weight, you don’t have to cut sugar entirely. The beverages containing sugar and beer are things you must try to cut almost entirely. You just have to lower the amount of sugar you consume in such foods as mentioned above. This means that instead of eating junk food you will eat more healthy food, which will help you in many ways one of which is losing body fat.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy is the core of good health. But for you to feel the effect first you must maintain it for enough time. If you start eating healthy for a short period of like 2 weeks and then just continue your old way of eating junk food regularly not much will change. Discipline and patience are the key ingredients to maintain healthy eating and good health. The trick is not to stop eating junk food at all. Just tone it down to a low level and things will be ok.

Tip: do not deprive yourself of any kind of food, but in return, balance yourself by eating less on your next meal.

An example is when you eat something with more sugar in it. Your next meal must behalf. Like this, you will be able to keep balance and afford to eat food with sugar but after that remember your meal must be something like half of your normal meal. That way you will maintain a balance between junk food and healthy eating and calories. Your healthy food should consist mainly of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and fish. Find a good balance that makes you feel good. But makes you feel good and healthy. And smiley. 🙂

Train regularly and stick to a sport

The most important thing when you get in shape is to stay in that shape. What is the point of getting fit and then just ditching all the effort you have put in the process? Sticking to a certain sport is more subjective. Honestly speaking this is just my personal opinion. I found that works best for me. I trained boxing for a few months, and it was amazing for me in terms of experience and results. You, of course, may find that is a different story for your case.

Tip: drink coffee at least an hour before a workout.

I have gained the best shape in my life when I stuck to boxing (and eat as healthy as I can). But this is mostly because boxing involves different training routines like endurance, strength, and hand-eye coordination. I have trained volleyball, football, and basketball for a very short time and I found that boxing suits me best, it’s just my type of sport. My advice to you is to find what sport you could stick to for a longer period of time. Find what sport you enjoy. Even if it’s just running in the park, it’s something too. You can still try to bounce between different sports but that way you won’t be sticking for a long time in any of them from my personal experience. But who knows people are different.

Maintain discipline

One thing you have to face if you want to stay in shape for a longer time is that living healthy is not progress but a way of life. I mean yes there will probably be times when you will be so busy you wouldn’t have any time for exercising. And that’s is perfectly normal. But even in those days you still can do a thing or two to further stay in shape. Things like having a nice sugar free breakfast. Skipping the candy you were offered by your colleague. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important. This will help you in a number of ways most importantly reducing the levels of stress. Little things like this will more or less build your discipline over time. And maintaining it is the key not only for good health but a nice positive life.

Tip: eat at least 3h before sleep.

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