Tips for Building Healthy Relationship

 Tips for Building Healthy Relationship

What is a healthy relationship?

Sometimes, in order to find the right person, it might expect you a long, difficult path. But that should not discourage you, because in life the good things happen slowly with great patience; especially a strong relationship.

You are probably wondering ‘How could I know if this person is my other half? How can I recognize it among so many people?’ Honestly, I do not have a slight idea how, but I can tell you one thing; you don’t have to wander for years to find a person with whom you feel good.

I have met people who are looking for love all their lives and even if it knocked on their door; they just sent it away. Often, the reason for this failure lies in themselves. This type of people either don’t know what they want or they find a problem in everyone. Somewhere someone has probably told them, that they should always watch themselves to be good and to not reconciled something that they are not okay with. Well, in some cases, it is normal to do so, but not always.

That is why I will share with you the basic elements that drive a relationship and which make it healthy and unenforceable.


Communication between two people is probably the most important thing in a relationship. Whether it’s a love relationship, a parenting or a friendly one. Man is created to talk, think, to communicate.

When you don’t talk to a person and you do not share your thoughts, worries, dreams, and joy with – at one point, the relationship begins to fall apart.

You are probably thinking, ‘but we talk to each other, how we will get to know each other at first?’ Yes, in the beginning, everyone talks to get to know the other, but what happens after? When something starts to annoy you in the person and you decide to hold it in yourself? The problem appears again and again, and you don’t talk about it; and at some point, everything explodes. And you can avoid all that shit by simply sharing what you do not like in your half’s attitude. This way you can smooth your differences and strengthen your relationship.

Advice: Always share with the person beside you what is worrying you and what you don’t like. It’s best to clarify at the outset so that no further problems will arise. It’s the same with the good things; if you like something and you have been impressed – share it! You can only win the person’s smile. 

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Do compromise

Compromises are as important as communication. I know couples where the only one makes compromises and the other one looks their own best. I know couples, in which neither of them makes any compromises. Do you think these kind of relationships are healthy?

Compromises show how much you keep on to one person and what you can do to make them happy.

A strong relationship is based on two people who love each other and make each other happy; a relationship between two people that give love and in return they do not want anything. When you come to a moment where you have to choose whether to make a compromise or start a dispute, what would you prefer?

Be supportive

Every relationship has highs and lows and that’s absolutely normal. Through these lows you will find how strong and real your relationship is. The number one thing that will show you if your relationship is strong and if it really has a future, and that is if you are supportive to one another.

Remember it is easy to say to someone that you love him but this will truly be shown in these hard times and you will know if that person wants to be with you in the future. You can show your support in many ways but show it when it’s hardest and it’s most needed.

Show that you care for each other by being true when things aren’t looking that good. It’s not always so easy but if you really care for that person you will find a way to do it.

Don’t try to change your half

There will always be something that you don’t like about your loved one. You simply can not like absolutely everything about him or her. Or if you can that’s good for you!

But some relationship does not last long because someone wants to take control over the relationship and try to change the person in front of him.

You should remember that you cannot change someone if he doesn’t want to! Real love is to accept the person with all of the positive and negative sides. Of course, as we spoke earlier if you don’t like something in your beloved – you better talk about it and clear the things out.


Every human has the need to stay alone and to take care of itself or has the need to spend some time with family and friends. I totally get it, when you are in a relationship and you feel so amazed by the person and you want to spend more and more time together; there is nothing bad about it but you should think about yourself and the person beside you.

Respecting the privacy of a person can make your relationship stronger. There is no need to be 24/7 together. You should change sometimes the setting and go out for a lady or a man night with your friends.

From personal experience, I advise you to slow down things. Try not to lose yourself and your friends through this journey.

What is not a healthy relationship?

An unhealthy relationship is often misunderstood. For every person, the understanding of a healthy and unhealthy relationship might be different. Most people may think that an unhealthy relationship is a relationship set up on over control or violence. And these kinds of behaviours are just one of the signs that you are in a toxic relationship.

But there are other signs that may show you that you are having a bad relationship. For instance, if your partner does not support you or do not respect your privacy can be a problem. If you feel pushed to do some things and you do not want to. If you are being with someone that abuse, humiliate, yell at you; or being with someone that is overzealous.

You might want to consider, to sit and talk with this person and if he does not listen to you and he thinks that everything is normal in your relationship you might want to think about leaving that person. You should put yourself in the first place and think about your wellness and stress level. It’s important to think about your safety.

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