Ultimate Boxing Workout Guide: Workout at Home

 Ultimate Boxing Workout Guide: Workout at Home

Boxing is one of the most popular sports, among young people, in the world.[1] It is no secret that the hype and the real fighting make this sport so interesting. However, except for being excited to watch it, many people (young mostly) start to include a boxing workout into their training days. 

Working out is crucial for our lives, especially after Covid-19 and the sedentary lifestyle we live. Dozens of clinical studies prove that exercises have exceptional functions and effects on our health.[2] We’ve all heard the words “exercise to be healthy”. And we need to keep remaining these words often. 

Physical activity prevents heart attack and diabetes. Thanks to cardio (and there is plenty of it in a boxing workout), our heart becomes stronger, the arteries pump blood properly and the levels of “good” cholesterol rise.

Many sports can help you get in good shape, but probably one of the best and underestimated sports in this regard is boxing. A boxing workout is used not only for unarmed combat but also, nowadays, for fitness.

Unlike the traditional gym, a boxing workout does not only helps with weight loss, developing the muscles and strengthening the body. Moreover, a boxing workout has many other positive effects on the mind. It helps with depression and anxiety, gives you self-confidence and boosts endorphins – the happiness hormones.

Health Benefits of Boxing Workout

Boxing develops the body physically. After a boxing workout, you will feel every muscle in your body, and we are talking about muscles you did not even think existed.

A boxing workout is beginning to gain more and more popularity as a variety of daily workouts and an alternative to fitness, yoga, Pilates, Tabata, etc.

Have you ever wondered: what are the benefits of a boxing workout? Here are some reasons to start boxing today! We will also answer the most asked questions about the boxing workout.

Keep reading to learn more.

gym or boxing workout is better

1. Cardio

Cardio is mainly used for weight loss and to strengthen the heart– every intense exercise can help you with that, but you should not exaggerate. 

If you can’t finish a sentence while doing a workout – you should slow down the rate.

Cardio teaches the heart to work efficiently. You feel more energized, and it helps you with quality sleep. Moreover, it improves lung function, so you breathe faster and deeper – strengthening the lungs.

Is cardio important for a boxing workout?

Probably the most important physical attribute in a boxing workout is cardio. Improving it can help prevent heart disease and diabetes. 

Cardiovascular exercises in a boxing workout are of the utmost importance. It helps not only for individual parts of the body and organs but for everything, including the mental state.

Imagine what all these professional boxers would do if they had not included cardio in their boxing training. Whether they could withstand 8-12 rounds? 

2. Boxing helps with Depression and Anxiety

Depression is known to be a condition in which a person feels disillusioned, unhappy and lonely. One way to get rid of this condition is through exercise.

When a person does sport improves its physique. But also, the exercises have a positive effect on the brain’s metabolism and thus on depression itself.

Can a boxing workout help with anxiety and depression?

Studies reveal that physical activity helps reduce the levels of depression and anxiety.[3] They also show that people who are actively exercising have lower levels of stress. 

A boxing workout allows the body to release phenylethylamine[4] that contributes to improving mood.

3. Strength

Boxing workout increases the strength and endurance of the muscles – not only in the upper body but also in the legs. The whole body works in sync.

Is boxing workout a good way to get in shape?

A boxing workout enhances your physical strength and aesthetics. That is why we (The Health Hacks‘ team) prefer a boxing workout rather than any other sport.

In boxing, every exercise works the whole body. And we are not talking about exact parts of the body on which to focus. 

Boxing has a balance rarely found in other sports. In a boxing workout, each exercise, even cardio, is focused on the body as a whole.

4. Self-confidence

Sports not only kill depression but also help you feel full of energy and build your character. Your self-confidence boosts and contributes to your mental development.

Confidence, nowadays, is a highly sought quality and condition in a person. When you exercise (I repeat myself), you not only improve your physique but your mental state. Personally, I felt this way after a good boxing workout. Train to feel well and to be healthy.

Does a boxing workout give you confidence?

Any person, no matter how self-unconfident is, can change that with a boxing workout. A boxing workout is one of the best sports for gaining self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Even if someone has had problems with these two things before, can change through hard and constant training.

5. Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight, everyone seeks all sorts of ways to achieve it. 

Whatever sport you pick, you will still have some results. But I still want to point out that if you really want to look good, lose fat and gain muscles – start a boxing workout!

Can you lose weight with a boxing workout?

A boxing workout is extremely intense. As we have said so far, every part of the body is working out with a lot of cardio. 

I prefer boxing workout because it not only burns the extra pounds of fat but at the same time begin to form muscles and strengthen the body. 

The exercises are hard, but in the end, all this will and sweat are paying you a hundredfold.

It’s no secret that a huge amount of calories are burned out with a boxing workout. 

Look at some of the professional boxers. They seem so clean from fat to perfection. 

If you are looking for a way to reduce body fat, once again, a boxing workout is one of the best sports you can try without a doubt.

Equipment you need to start a boxing workout at home

Do you remember Rocky Balboa, and how was his boxing workout going? Yeah, I know that he went to a boxing gym; however, he trained outside most of the time. He trained with woods, chickens, crossbars, stairs, sleigh, balls, etc. 

Thank God that we live in the 21st century, so we don’t have to try catching chickens all day.

Here are our TOP picks of equipment to use for a boxing workout at home:

Heavy Punching Bag

As your training increases, you would like to go to the next level. Punching a training bag for boxing is the ideal choice of strengthening and power your muscles on the upper body. A heavy-bag training session is a super effective boxing workout not only for the upper body but for the whole one.


Boxing Speed Bag

A boxing speed bag (know as speedballs or speed ball bags) can do wonders with improving your speed, focus and eye coordination. The three are beneficial to you, even if you don’t go on the ring. However, if you want to build your upper body and to make more effort, you should scroll up and check the heavy-punching bag for the boxing workout we’ve mentioned.


Reflex Ball for Hand-Eye Coordination

This reflex ball is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination. It can help you improve your reflexes. If you do a boxing workout at home, this little ball will replace the trainer in traditional boxing sessions at the gym.



Hand wraps

Hand wraps, also known as a wrist wrap, is an elastic bandage that protects your knuckles and wrist from injuries while punching, not only your opponent but a heavy bag or speed bag, for instance. It’s necessary to have it, no matter if you are going to faith with a person or a bag. It’s essential for a beginner in a boxing workout.


Boxing Gloves

Gloves are essential in a boxing workout. After you wrap your wrists with the hand wraps, you should consider wearing boxing gloves. They will protect your hands. If you fight with an opponent, you will do more damage wearing gloves. If you use a boxing bag for training, you can skip the gloves, but it’s not recommended. Also, the gloves will keep you fit and add more weight.


Dumbbell for Boxing Workout

Cardio and muscle-building all-in-one. Dumbbells are perfect for exercises like a shadow boxing workout. It will increase your heart rate, but at the same time, you will be strengthening your arms and shoulders. Stronger muscles are equal to stronger hits, with shadow boxing and faster hits.



BlazePod Flash Reflex

These training-light pods are going to improve your reaction time and empower your body and mind. It has a high-quality training system that is easy to use from an intuitive app connected to your phone. Check the video below to get a clear idea of how to add the BlazePod to your boxing workout.

How to start a boxing workout with minimum to no equipment at home

Here we will mention a few items at home that you can use to replace some of the boxing workout equipment. 


Using dumbbells in a boxing workout is a great way to work out your upper body and strengthen the muscles. One of the smartest ways to replace them is to use bottles. Depending on how much weight you want, consider taking bottles of water from 0.5l to 2-3l. You can also use bottles of milk.

water bottles used instead of dumbbells in exercises

Jumping Rope

The jumping rope is a need in a boxing workout. Almost everyone has a rope in their home. If you don’t have a jumping rope at home, then use a regular one. You can make a knot at the ends; wrap them with a cloth, and secure them with a tight strip of duct tape.

Resistance Band

Overall, it’s hard to replace a resistance band, but it depends on what you want to use it. For example, if you want to use a resistance band to build your overall upper body, then replace it with a battle rope exercise. Another way to use a resistance band is for the Russian twist ab exercise. In this example, you can use a towel.

Reflex Ball for Boxing Workout

If you have a tennis ball and an elastic rope, make a hole in the ball and tie the rope around it. Then tie up the other end to your head.

Yoga Mat

You don’t have to buy an expensive yoga mat for exercising. Simply use a rug. It’s enough to have a soft surface beneath you, so you won’t bruise your waist or back.

Go Outside

Some outdoor gyms have a heavy punching bag and boxing speed bag to do a full boxing workout. Use the outdoor gyms, they have enough equipment to work out your whole body, and it’s for free.

Example of a Boxing Workout at Home

Now, we will present to you a full-body workout that you can do every day at home. It’s equally doable with equipment, without or with minimum equipment. 

Before we continue, we will explain to you some of the words we use.

What is a shadow boxing workout?

Shadowboxing is an exercise where the fighter moves and throw punches in the air at the same time.[5] You don’t need any equipment. However, you can add dumbbells, water bottles or boxing gloves for better effectiveness. You can do a shadow boxing workout in front of a mirror that will give you an idea of your posture and if you need to fix it.

Boxing hook

Hook in boxing workout is a punching technique. To perform it, turn your muscles in the core and back, therefore swing the arm by bending it horizontally. The hook aims at the opponent jaw, but it can be used to hit the body sides.

Punching combinations in a boxing workout

Full boxing workout at home with minimal to no equipment


5-minute steady jogging at one place or jump rope.

Stretch every part of your body, starting from the top, going down to the bottom. Rotate your head five times in one direction and five in the other. Continue with the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Spin the hips too, five times in both directions; then the hams, knees and ankles.

Shadow Boxing Workout

*Use dumbbells to add more weight to the exercises.

Straight punches – x20 repeat x3 times.
30 seconds rest.
*3 to 4 punch combinations – x20 repeat x3 times.
30 seconds rest.
*Straight punches and hooks – x20 repeat x3 times
30 seconds rest.

Speed up

*Fast jabs right – 30 seconds.
Jump rope or jumping jacks – 15 seconds.
*Fast jabs left – 30 seconds.
Jump rope or jumping jacks – 15 seconds.
*Uppercuts right left – 30 seconds.
Speed bag punches (you can do it without the bag) – 15 seconds.
Repeat the uppercuts and speed bag.

1 Minute rest.

*Hook right – 30 seconds.
Jump rope or jumping jacks – 15 seconds.
*Hook left – 30 seconds.
Jump rope or jumping jacks – 15 seconds.
*Cross jab right – 30 seconds.
Burpee – 3 times.
*Cross jab left – 30 seconds.
Burpee – 3 times.

1 Minute rest.

Full Body Workout (*Recommended to use dumbbells)
Rest between each set and exercises – 30 seconds!

Upper Body

Pushups (hands wide) – 15x 3 sets.
*Shoulder press – 15x 3 sets.

Lower Body

*Lunges – 10x each leg (total 20x) 3 sets.
*Single-leg deadlift – 10x each leg (total 20) 3 sets.


Bicycle crunches – 25x 3 sets.
Leg lifts – 20x 3 sets.
Mountain climbers – 25x 3 sets.
*Bow extensions – 15x each side (total 20) 3 sets.

3-minute cool down with slow and steady jogging and stretching.

example of a boxing workout training program


Not by accident boxing workout is considered to be one of the best workouts ever. Boxing is a great all-around workout that trains the whole body. It’s great for everyone who wants to lose body fat, build muscles, improve strength and endurance.

Health benefits of a boxing workout

Let’s repeat one more time the health benefits of a boxing workout. At first, sculpt your body. A boxing workout can help with weight loss, at the same time, build your muscles. It will improve body strength and endurance. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise of the utmost importance because it prevents heart diseases and diabetes.

Boxing workout works for the body inside too. It will stimulate your happy hormones and improve your self-confidence and mental state. This type of workout is the perfect depression killer.

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