5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Next Job Interview

 5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Next Job Interview

Is there a job interview coming soon for you? A job that you really like and you want to make the best impression on the interviewer? Well, probably you are not the only one. If it’s a big company or just a highly paid job there is a big chance that there will be a lot of other people who are well-suited for the job and want it as bad as you. If this is the job you want you really must be well-prepared. Not only for the questions you are going to be asked. But you must make a great first impression and more.

How can you beat the good first impression of other candidates? By standing out from the competition with something unique. You must be focused and be on your best from start to finish to give the performance you want.

First off there are the normal things that you must be doing in an interview. Such as being there 5-10 min earlier, having a basic level of knowledge about the company, smiling, handshake, being well-dressed, respective attitude, and a few others. But we will look at some of the less known.

Be honest in the interview

Honesty is a trait that every good job interviewer will appreciate. In most of the companies, the more experienced people who work there are the people who are loyal. Being honest with your answers even if you have to say some negative things about yourself, it could actually end up more of a positive way than a negative. The person who is interviewing you will see this and will understand that in the long-term you will be more suited for the job post than someone with more experience but less honesty. Do not underestimate the value of it! With a few small words spoken from the hearth, you could go a long way.

Be positive about your previous jobs

The question about what happened at your previous job will come sooner or later. Even if you tell them something that isn’t very pleasant for them to hear try to emphasize the positive things about it. Of course, there were some negatives but don’t dig into them. Stick what you liked about your past jobs and speak mainly about those nicer things. That doesn’t mean you have to lie. Just stick to the things you liked and eventually tell them why you left. The interviewer will see you that way of an understanding person and that will leave a good impression.

Show enthusiasm for the job

You need to show somehow the interviewer that you are excited about the job. He or she will have to see some interest in you, that way he will know that you are serious. Smile and be polite. Try not to be confrontational and listen carefully when the interviewer is speaking, try not to interrupt. Ask intelligent questions about the company. Show some level of knowledge or even better study the company to get something more than the basic stuff that is expected of you. That will further show your interest and enthusiasm in the work. That could surprise the interviewer in a very good way. Ask about the future of the company and other question regarding the workplace. This could eventually be the difference between you getting the job or not.

Emphasize your strengths

Even if you speak good, you are being polite, you have a strong interest in the job and everything is going well in the interview. You must show why exactly you think you are a good fit for the job. Tell them what you did better than the others in your previous jobs. Tell me what you could do best at the job you are in the interview for. Focus on your strengths and tell why you are the right man for the job and what you could possibly do better than the people currently working. Show confidence. But back up your confidence with facts. Try to sound self-aware, not cocky and the interviewer will see if you sound cocky and this could backfire badly. Just make the best impression you can so you can sell yourself to the person in front.

Make a bond with the interviewer

To make sure the interview is going well one thing you can make that will win you the job spot. And that is to bond with the person who is interviewing you. After all, he has probably the last say if you are fitting for the job or not. Building a connection and winning the person is practically winning the job. You could study the person before the interview if there is a way. What is he like? What he values the most? These are important questions that if you know the answers you will make the interviewer like you more over the competition. A few personal questions could break the ice. A kind smile and a compliment will not be unappreciated. Build that bond to win the interviewer and win the job.