Bodybuilding at Home – Myths, Do’s, Don’ts and Choices

 Bodybuilding at Home – Myths, Do’s, Don’ts and Choices

Can you build muscles at home? Most people think it’s a myth but let’s face it – bodybuilding is not your average exercise or workout plan. It involves a lot of weight and an intense diet and lifting, which you might not be able to find at home.

In case you end up building a gym at home, it’s too expensive that people would rather skip the home gym plan completely.

Bodybuilding is known to be a very challenging and passionate way of exercising, and most people don’t think it can be done at home.

According to fitness instructors, muscle building can be quite easy and simple; For someone passionate about results and self-motivated, bodybuilding can be done at home.

For people thinking they might require a fancy gym is also not the case.

A little bit of creativity and motivation can help you set up a home gym and get a ripped body in no time.

With that being said, we know you might be sceptical that bodybuilding at home might not be your cup of tea, but think about how much money you can save in the process. Even if you rely on fancy gym equipment and regular weight lifting, there is a limit to progress. You can only gain muscle mass to a certain extent, and after a few days, you will have to find something more intense for yourself.

In short, bodybuilding at home is safe, and you can do it anytime without thinking about the time frame.

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Some Basic Bodybuilding Myths

Bodybuilding is a long process, and most people get confused because they are not sure if they should push themselves for better or take their time.

Everyone’s type is different, some have a fast metabolism, and they lose weight rapidly, whereas others gain weight easily.

Most people ask for tips without realizing that people are mostly giving them depending on their body type. What might work for one doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Your body is different; your age, gender, metabolism rate, BMI, and other details are very important. For most people, this is quite a challenge, and they are not able to follow these tips.

We are here to burst all the myths, so you won’t end up wasting your time on this.

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Train and Push Your Limits

We have all heard people talk about how they lift so much weight, and they work out so much that they can’t do it anymore, and only then do they see progress. It is kind of true, but if you are pushing your limits, you are just messing up with your body.

We have seen people lifting so much weight that they end up either with deformity or muscle strain. You indeed need to push your limits, but you might end up injuring yourself in the process. Make up a seclude that favours your weight lifting journey with a progressive increase over time.

Restrict Your Diet while bodybuilding

Restricting your diet is good; we have seen people rolling around with their protein shakes.

There is a myth saying – while working out and bodybuilding, you need to cut off all the other food items and rely on protein.

That is not at all true, you need to make sure your food is healthy, but most people love the fact that bodybuilding is the only phase in their life where they can eat whatever they want without thinking about any consequences.

No Sugar, No Spice

Sugar and spice content should be kept normal; yes, you have heard it right.

People usually say that you need to rely on boiled food and don’t even think about seasoning.

One of the main things that they will explain as a reason is the fact that salt has a water retention power. It is true. Most people agree to it, but restricting salt and sugar at all, will destroy your health.

The best thing about bodybuilding is eating; you can eat as much as you want because that’s how you will gain muscle.

Apart from this, you can drink energy drinks and take sugar right after the exercises, and this is totally fine.

No Time to Heal

Your body has a process of building muscle, and it requires you to stimulate your muscles for better growth.

To stimulate them, you need to work out as they go through a tough time they might shred, and eventually, you will feel soreness. The muscles that you will gain will be far better and bulky after time.

You will not only be able to lift more weight, but it will also look bulkier.

However, if you think giving yourself a hard time every day can help you grow bigger quickly, you are quite wrong. Your body needs time to heal. If you feel sore, wait until it gets better, and only then will you have the body you have ever wished for.

Exercise Plan for bodybuilding at home

Most people find it hard to understand how someone can workout at home without gym equipment.

People hardly bother about the equipment; however, with bodybuilding, these myths get worse.

We have seen people talking about bodybuilding with a lot of doubts.

They are unaware of the exercise plans and think bodybuilding is only related to weight lifting and regular gym plans.

If you are working out at home, you don’t need expensive gym equipment. All you need is self-determination and extreme motivation.


Push-ups are a great way to work your upper body. It will help you develop better upper body strength, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Almost everyone knows how to perform this exercise, but if you don’t, you can start by laying down on your stomach and take help from your toes and the palm of your hands to lift your body.

Once you are up, try going down and getting back up. One up and down makes one rep, and if you keep repeating, you must make sure your core is tight, and you are breathing in sync to your movement.

All these things collectively will help you gain muscle and get upper body strength.

If you want to make it even more difficult with time, try to increase the reps and add some weight to your back.


A headstand is a great way to develop upper body strength, but we are not talking about a traditional headstand where you have to balance your body weight on your head.

We want you to use your upper body and head to lift yourself. Now take help from the wall and try to shift your weight on the wall; this will help you stay in a headstand position for long.

By using the palm of your hands, try shifting your weight and go up and down like push-ups. That is a great way to develop upper body strength. You will feel the blood flowing to your head. It helps in improving vision and also to retain information better.


If we have to mention one of the most dreadful and challenging exercises, we have to list the plank on number one.

The fact that people compare plank with the theory of relativity is proof enough to explain how difficult it is. But it helps you work the upper body, as well as your core muscles.

If you are not familiar with it, you need to lay on your stomach and lift yourself. As you lift, try to take help from your tiptoes and elbow. Hold in this position as long as possible.

It might sound easy, but for beginners, holding your weight for a few seconds is tough.

However, as you keep practising, you will get better and be able to do it for a few minutes.

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Crunches are one thing that will help you get shred faster, and you will instantly feel that your muscles are getting sore.

Soreness is the sign your workout routine is actually working.

While performing crunches, try to increase the tension by adding weights or lifting your legs and moving them in bicycle movement.

Bicycle crunches mean you will be staying in the same position but working harder, and according to most fitness instructors, bicycle crunches are far better than the average crunches.

Bodybuilding curls

If we can sum up the whole body-building journey into just one thing, we can name it curls.

Yes, curls are as important as everything else on this list. This exercise is pretty easy because you might be doing it without knowing. We have been lifting shopping bags and grocery bags, and we have seen how much work and effort we are putting into it.

With the help of bicep curls, you can replace the shopping bags with actual weight. Depending on your practice, you can fill up water bottles and carry them instead of traditional weight, or you can buy a dumbbell if you want.

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