Friction burn on penis: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

A friction burn on penis occurs due to the rubbing of skin against any object. Friction burn is a painful condition. Most commonly, it happens in roadside accidents. It can result in scraped skin along with redness and intense pain. If not correctly medicated, it can result in infections and inflammations. Burn on sensitive skin […]Read More

Faster Hair Growth: Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever found yourself just looking into a mirror, thinking, “I wish my hair would grow faster”? Yes, most of us have been there. Maybe your stylist cut your hair too short, or perhaps you miss doing those cinematic hair flips, or you are possibly recovering from hair loss. Whatever your reasons for wanting […]Read More

Why Most MMA Trainers Like BJJ Techniques

MMA is an open forum where you can use any form of martial arts; it can be Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, or freestyle. As MMA fans, we all love to see championships and witness our favourite fighter win. Most people debate about the effectiveness of MMA champions and how well they must have trained to […]Read More

Sportswear vs. Regular Clothes – Why Does It Matter?

We have seen people investing in their sportswear and gym clothing more than they invest in their regular clothes. Most people do that because they work for the body shape they want. With good workout clothes, you are feeling comfortable, motivated and confident. The question here is pretty simple – are you ready to invest […]Read More

Boxing: How it Helps you Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

When we talk about effective strategies for losing weight, we mean healthy alternatives. Some of the very recent exercises that are becoming popular include HIIT, combat training, and boxing to lose weight. In a world of fitness, self-awareness, and growing health issues, people are now becoming more aware of health-related matters. As mentioned in the […]Read More


Your gut health has a direct effect on many of your body’s functions. It is a thing that not many people take too seriously, and it could lead to severe health problems if not worst. Your gut health directly affects your body in more ways than you think. Many studies in the past 20 years […]Read More

Tips for Building Healthy Relationship

What is a healthy relationship? Sometimes, in order to find the right person, it might expect you a long, difficult path. But that should not discourage you, because in life the good things happen slowly with great patience; especially a strong relationship. You are probably wondering ‘How could I know if this person is my other […]Read More