We all know how tedious can be to prepare food right after a long day at work. Especially if you decided to cook a meal that takes a lot of time. And the worst thing is that most of us end up on the phone ordering junk, take away, food.

In today’s post, I will present to you 10 meals that you can actually do for less than an hour. It’s not required a lot of effort to prepare a quick and healthy dinner for your family. Try to avoid junk food, which is not good for our health. You can always replace them with healthier products that are extremely delicious.

How often do you go to the store?

There are two types of people. Those who go to the store almost every day. And the others, the smart ones, who shop for the whole week in just one day. Actually, those people know how to control money. And some people are able to organize, cook, and distribute the food for each day of the week. These people are geniuses! I genuinely admire them for being so organized, but honestly, I love cooking and it’s a pleasure for me to do it every day!

However, the best way to save yourself additional effort is to organize your shopping and to buy more products on one day of the week.

Let me present to you a few recipes you can use for meal prep or you can cook for dinner and will take you less than an hour!

1. Chicken and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Found on: Dinner at the Zoo

I’m so glad I found this wonderful recipe! It looks like Chinese food but it’s way more good and healthy! All you need to do is to stir-fry mushrooms, broccoli, and chicken breast with amazing oyster sauce. Serve with rice and enjoy a healthy meal that will take you only 30min to cook!

Want the recipe? Find it here.

2. Orange Sesame Ginger Glazed Salmon

Easy peasy orange squeeze! A quick and healthy meal you can do for 20 min! The ingredients are super simple. All you need is salmon, sauce, asparagus, and rice! Ha! You need to know more about the sauce but you can find here how to cook this amazing recipe I found From Valerie’s Kitchen.

3. Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders

I’m totally in love with this recipe! It’s super quick to prep and makes. Just cut some chicken breasts into strips, dredge them into an egg, flour, and the coconut mixture, and just bake for 20 min! Want to know more about the special coconut mixture? This is the recipe I found from Wholesome Yum.

4. Mediterranean Pasta

From 30 to 20, to 15 min meal! Can you believe it! You can actually cook the perfect romantic meal for just 15 min! When I hear pasta I always think about a romantic date with the one I love! And a glass of wine, of course! So, this recipe is simple and it’s full of delicious ingredients like olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. I found it from Girl Gone Gourmet. And I really love it, I plan these days to cook it. Wish me luck! 

5. Spinach Pesto Israeli Couscous

Found from: My Kitchen Love

This meal looks untraditional and very interesting. It is actually couscous with pesto and shrimps. The total time you need to prep and cook is 20min! You can surprise your family with a tasty and healthy meal for dinner! The recipe is amazing because you can learn how to prep yourself homemade pesto. Read more for the recipe here.

6. One-Pot Paleo Sausage and Slaw Skillet

Found from: Fox and Briar

Simply the things you need are sausages, vegetables, and spices! Combine all in one and you will get a healthy paleo meal, whole 30, gluten-free and low carb. Isn’t it amazing? Am I the only one thinking that this recipe looks easier than the others or it’s just me? Whatever, the thing is that you can cook this healthy dinner for just 30 minutes!

7. BBQ Couscous Bowl with Tofu

Yay! We have something for the vegans here! Actually, it’s for everyone. We need a few days without eating meat in the week! This meal looks so amazing that I want to bite my computer! You need just 30 min to cook it and a few ingredients like the main is couscous, some spices, vegetables, and tofu! Read more about the recipe that I found from Eelephantastic Vegan. Oh! I forgot to mention that you need BBQ sauce too!

8. 5-minute Easy Vegan Tacos

Oh, God! Who doesn’t love tacos? And these tacos need just 5 minutes to cook! Actually, you need to just chop most of the ingredients and mix them and fill the tortillas. These are vegan tacos, so if you need some meat you can always add! I found this lovely recipe from Happy Kitchen Rocks.

9. Tilapia with a Lemon Herb Butter Pan Sauce

Found from: Salt and Lavender

A super delicious recipe for fish lovers. The fish you need for this recipe is tilapia cooked with butter, fresh oregano, parsley, and dill. If you are not a fan of the fish meals, you gonna love this one! This is another quick meal and the time you need is just 17 min! You can combine it with rice or fresh salad also!

10. Pineapple Shrimp Skewers

Found from: Salt and Lavender

I’m sorry that I place this meal last! But it’s my favourite now! I just love pineapple too much! Don’t hate me but the Hawaiian Pineapple Pizza is my favourite! Well, this meal is perfect for the summer and it takes just 25 min. I know the pineapple may confuse you with what you should season it, with salt or sugar. But maybe salt and paper it’s a good choice! This recipe is super quick, healthy, and tasty!

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