boxing workout at home full guide with example boxing workout training program

Ultimate Boxing Workout Guide: Workout at Home

Boxing is one of the most popular sports, among young people, in the world.[1] It is no secret that the hype and the real fighting make this sport so interesting. However, except for being excited

fresh morning routine

Morning Routine for Feeling Fresh Every Day

Starting a morning routine is extremely important for your whole lifestyle. To get a successful start of the day, it is necessary to self-discipline and focuses on the morning rituals that will balance the body

how to lose weight before summer

How to Lose Weight for the Summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare yourself for the beach. Time to start getting in shape and losing weight. Ask yourself are you feeling comfortable with your current shape? Probably this is the

how to live a happier life

How to Live Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

To find balance in your life you must connect your body and soul. Find that harmony between both. You cannot live a healthy lifestyle if you don’t care for your body. And to live a

money mindset tips
Self Growth

Money Mindset – Uncover Your Proven Path to Happiness

Our money mindset affects so many different things. Alright, that sounds a little cheesy or too good to be true… I know but hear me out. How you feel about yourself and your happiness is included there. Before we dive into money mindset beliefs and exercises to improve, let’s start with the basics. What Is Your Money Mindset Credit to Aimee Cerka for this amazing article - "The Money Confidence Coach and founder of Money Masters Inner Circle. This means I equip you to master your money by creating confidence in your ability to solve the money problem, so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck and instead create options, security, and build wealth." Money Mindset is the thoughts and emotions which you have around finances and money directly and indirectly. Your day-to-day decisions and your ability to achieve goals all stem from your money mindset. The part that most

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